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Quarterly Highlights
A summary of plans and sponsors making the news

Quarterly Highlights

A summary of plans and sponsors making the news

Pensions & Investments Announces 2018 Excellence & Innovation Award Winners

Pensions & Investments announced winners of the 2018 Excellence & Innovation Awards, which honor efforts by plan executives to enhance the retirement security of participants. This year, judges recognized two sponsors for innovation and five sponsors for excellence. Tactics from the winners included:

Targeted Communications

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. used tailored messaging to plan participants based on saving levels below and above the employer match. Of the nonsavers, 503 enrolled in the plan and 175 below-match savers increased their contributions.

Mandatory Employee Workshops

Package Pavement boasts a 100% plan participation rate, driven by mandatory employee workshops, auto-enrollment and access to one-on-one meetings with company officials.

Online Quiz

Synopsys rolled out an eight-question online quiz about ways to contribute to the 401(k). 25% of employees took the quiz, and the average score was six out of eight.

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International Paper Adds Two Options to Help Retirees Generate Income

To encourage more retirees to remain in the International Paper 401(k) plan, two options were recently added to help generate income, a long-bond fund and an out-of-plan annuity option.

The long-bond fund has an allocation of 51% corporate bonds and 49% government bonds and a duration of 14.7 years. The annuity solution is offered by Hueler Income Solutions, and provides names of prescreened providers to participants with information on quotes, credit ratings and product features. A participant can purchase an annuity with in-plan assets that in turn roll out of the plan to facilitate the transaction. Out-of-plan assets may also be used.

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