Why Advisors are Failing to Plan for the Inevitable

Janus Henderson Labs™
 recently partnered with the Financial Planning Association on a survey to understand how financial advisors are approaching succession planning, and if they haven't, to define what is holding them back.

Room for Improvement

have a documented succession plan in place.

within five years of retirement report having a formal plan.

include their team's transition process in their plan.

Need a Succession Plan?
3 Questions to Help You Get Started

A solid succession plan may take seven or even ten years to implement. Begin contemplating these questions now and you'll be ready to take the next steps toward your own retirement.

74% reported that while their businesses may be ready for transition, they're not sure they are ready to retire.”
Five Steps to Launch Your Succession Plan

A proactive succession plan can make all the difference, providing teams and clients with a smooth transition and giving retiring advisors greater peace of mind. Thoughtful planning is critical to creating a successful transition.

Only 34% of advisors within 10 years of retirement reported having some form of a plan in place.”

Succession Planning:

Tips to Finding the Right Successor

Preparing for a cohesive legacy is not that simple.

Review key questions you can ask yourself — and your potential successor — to help you plan the future of your business.

51% reported one of the biggest challenges was finding the right successor.”

The Attributes of Top-Performing Teams

Janus Henderson Labs™
, in collaboration with The Investments & Wealth Institute and Cerulli Associates, explored 2,800 advisory practices to learn what qualities are shared by the most successful teams.
Over 50% of top-performing teams hire “producing” junior advisors to pursue future growth and aid with legacy planning.”


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Janus Henderson Labs™ recently partnered with the Financial Planning Association on a survey to understand how financial advisors are approaching succession planning, and for those who don’t, to define what is holding them back.


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